Rafael Menezes

Gold Coast, QLD AU

Welcome to my page

Hello there, fellow humans and robots alike! I'm a software engineer by trade, a dad by choice, super curious by nature and a lover of all things DIY and techy. When I'm not tinkering with an arduino board or exploring the world of home automation, you can usually find me buried in a good book, rock climbing in my local gym, or making something from scratch in my garage.

After many attempts, I've come to the realization that I'm not much of a blogger. Despite my best efforts, my writing skills leave something to be desired. It seems that my strengths lie more in coding and problem-solving than in crafting eloquent sentences. So, I've decided to focus on what I do best and leave the writing to the wordsmiths out there.

I've decided to turn this section into a virtual bookshelf instead. Here you can find the books I'm currently reading and some of my all-time favorites.

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